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Pemberton Grain, LLC
The following discount schedule and policies will apply to all corn delivered to Pemberton Grain, LLC, Pemberton, Minnesota.
PRICING:                         NO GRAIN TO BE PRICED BEFORE 8:30 A.M OR AFTER 1:15 P.M.
MOISTURE:                     Corn sold on contract or placed on price-later will be dried and shrunk
to 15% moisture. Drying charge is 5¢ per point of moisture removed.
SHRINK:                           Corn will be shrunk 1.4 % per point of moisture removed.
TEST WEIGHT:              1¢ each pound below 54 to 52                                     GENERAL                                                                       3¢ each pound below 52                                *    All grain positions must
                                                                                  be declared at time of
DAMAGE:                         2¢ each point 5.1 to 10.0                                       delivery.       
                                             3¢ each point above 10.0                               *     Notify P.G. of applicable
                                                                                  splits at delivery.
TOTAL BROKEN            2¢ each point 3.1 to 5.0                                  *     All direct shipments will
CORN AND FOREIGN 3¢ each point 5.1 to 7.0                                         use destination weights
MATERIAL:                     5¢ each point above 7.0                                        and discounts and be
                                                                                                                               paid when terminal
FACTORS:                        Sour................................................ 10¢                  settles with P.G., LLC
Musty............................................. 10¢            
                                             Infested (Bugs)............................... 10¢         
P.G. will average corn grade factors for all loads on a specific basis with the following exceptions:
a) Moisture will be treated on an individual load basis for shrink calculation.
b) Sour, musty, infested will be treated on an individual load basis.
Early Delivery
            Early delivery of contracts in the fall will be charged 12 cent storage
Corn being stored at Pemberton Grain, LLC. Must have a DP Contract signed.
Producer will have 10 days after delivery of each load to price grain with no storage charge.  A reminder to producers, DP contracts are not eligible for CCC loans or LDP programs.
Price Later (DP):   New Crop DP Corn delivered from beginning of harvest to December 31, 2023, will be charged a Minimum of 18¢/bu. Corn not priced by December 31st, 2024 will have a one-time roll over storage fee of 24¢/bu. Free storage will begin January 1st, 2024 through September 15th, 2024. All Price Later Corn (DP) must be priced by September 15, 2024. Storage will start accruing at .001290¢/bu per day on September 16th, 2024(roughly 4¢/bu per month), per DP Contract Section # 4.
• Ownership of grain passes to P.G., LLC at time price later (DP) contract is signed.
• All price later service charges must be paid annually or at time of settlement.
• Loan grain is not eligible for Price Later (DP) Contract.
• PL grain bids may be different than elevator delivered bids for deferred periods
P.G. will be offering Deferred Payment Contracts for those wishing to defer income.  One cent for each month remaining in the year of deferment is how our price structure is established.
Wet corn brought in and dry corn taken home:  Normal discounts for dry and shrink will be taken. 
A 10¢ out charge will be added to corn that is taken back home.
               Revised August 2023
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